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10% of total US health
care costs

Care Cost

Between $100 and $300 billion of avoidable
health care cost have been attributed to
non-adherence in the US annually, representing

3% to 10% of total US health care costs.

¹ Iuga, A. O., & McGuire, M. J. (2014). Adherence and health care costs. Risk
management and healthcare policy, 7, 35–44.

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Taking three or
more prescriptions


More than 1 in 5 Americans take three
or more prescriptions.²

² Therapeutic Drug Use, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
accessed 10/3/2020

ZipDrug Benefits to Health Plan

Improved Outcomes

Based on our internal study, which analyzed 2021 data, participation in the ZipDrug program resulted
in increase in medication adherence across all
three STARS measures.


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Cost of Care Savings

ZipDrug program participation reduces non-adherence by connecting members to high quality pharmacies, resulting in reduced cost of care for the health plan.

Concierge Services

Members receive concierge service, schedule hand delivery, have access to compliance packaging, and medication synchronization services at no additional costs.

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Meet Betsy

Problem Faced


Betsy’s husband requires 14 different medications a day. They were both struggling to keep track of the daily schedule. Medication refills also came due at different times of the month, with complex daily schedules to manage the pills.

ZipDrug's Solutions


Transfer of scripts


Coordination of refills


Medications packaged in
easy-to-use pill packs

“They were willing to work with us to call our original pharmacy and our doctor to arrange to get refills all due on the same day of the month. They’re just really a wonderful benefit for us.
And for that reason, we’ll never move.”