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Give your members a simple and cost-effective pharmacy experience.

ZipDrug is a proprietary medication delivery platform that helps health plans manage medication adherence and cost. 


With ZipDrug’s platform, you can deliver a friendly, convenient and cost-effective pharmacy experience right to your members’ doors.

We make it easy for your members to get their medications by  partnering with insurers and employers in all major cities. 


ZipDrug's platform dynamically allocates Medicare Advantage patients to pharmacies that will drive the best possible adherence for the lowest cost.

A single year of health spending in patients over 65 includes:


of patients who spent more than $100,000 per year on prescription drugs


receive treatment for at least 10 conditions


take a minimum

of 10 different

prescription drugs

A HealthPlan funded and administered study about the ZipDrug concept garnered favorable impressions from nearly 7 out of 10 members, and would likely cause two-thirds of members to switch from their current offering, as well as foster positive feelings towards their HealthPlan provider because of it.

Base: Total respondents (n=654). Q: Assuming there was no additional cost to you, how likely are you to switch from your current prescription plan to the ZipDrug Preferred Pharmacy Service? Q: How does this type of service make you feel about your choice in selecting (healthplan) as your health care company?




ZipDrug has helped me gain back my independence.

My pharmacy is very obliging and the prices are fair.

I love that  I don't have to go out and wait in line.

Surveyed activated members

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